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The Hive Collective

The Hive Collective comprises a community of innovative entrepreneurs dedicated to enhancing our industry by fostering education, camaraderie, and unity. In addition to its thriving online community, (pre-pandemic) The Hive expanded its reach beyond the digital realm, organizing pop-up markets, meet-ups, events, field trips, virtual tours, monthly gatherings, and engaging workshops.

Today, The Hive is alive and well online continuing to serve our community!

Open on Main  |  August 7-31, 2018

For the month of August, we took over the space at 100 Peabody all thanks to the space provided by the Downtown Memphis Commission's Open on Main initiative. The Hive turned our opportunity into a temporary retail and co-working space in the middle of downtown! During our month-long stay, we sold items made by local designers, co-worked with our community, and threw a few gatherings during our time downtown.

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